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PLANTĂM SPERANȚĂ is the national reforestation initiative, an action taking place in multiple counties across the country. It’s an endeavor aiming to bring together institutions, companies, schools, high schools, universities, and as many volunteers as possible in the same location.

Un OM, un POM, o Țară – It is an international project whose objective is to plant at least one tree in every locality of the country and to create a network of organizations and volunteers to engage in common projects implemented in tandem. Through this project, we also aim to construct the Tree Road, connecting geographical and historical areas by planting trees from kilometer to kilometer, from mountains to the sea, from Bihor to Maramureș and then to Constanța.

„o Pădure de la Zero” is the name of the reforestation action in the following years, through which we aim to carry out reforestation activities on degraded, deforested, unproductive lands, to build forest curtains, projects involving as many volunteers as possible, on lands where planting has not occurred. The initiative aims to organize and carry out reforestation actions at the national level, create a map of deforested areas, and conduct an awareness campaign about the importance of forests.

The direct action component involves the involvement of 30,000 volunteers over a period of 7-10 years, to reforest an area of 70-100 hectares, in as many counties as possible, thus targeting reforestation of an average area of 3-5 hectares.

We aim to carry out large-scale planting actions on degraded, deforested, unproductive lands, to build forest curtains, projects involving as many volunteers as possible.

Our Story

Previous Planting Actions

Plantare a la Cluj (2016)

  • Cluj Napoca
  • 2 hectars planted
  • 9.000 planted trees
  • 250 volunteers

Plantăm fapte bune (2019)

  • Sârbi, jud. Bihor
  • 3,8 hectars planted
  • 18.000 planted trees
  • 1000 volunteers

Plantăm Speranță (2022)

  • Husasăul de Tinca, jud. Bihor
  • 5,1 hectars planted
  • 26.000 planted trees
  • 1800 volunteers

O Pădure De La Zero (2023)

  • Leș, jud. Bihor
  • 5 hectars planted
  • 25.500 planted trees
  • 3000 volunteers

Why to participate?

For the planet

You can significantly impact by defining sustainability and environmental protection as your direction of social responsibility.

For experience

You can offer employees the opportunity to participate/contribute to the implementation of CSR projects, feeling that they have also contributed their part to their foundation.

For the team

To lay the groundwork or strengthen relationships among your team members.

For memories

You are about to receive a photo album from the event.

For sustenability

Your company stands to gain significantly from involvement in our projects, as it provides the opportunity to attract employees, shareholders, and clients who are invested in sustainability goals and share these values.

What are we doing?

We challenge you to think about what we can do for the well-being and safety of our children. We urge you to ask yourself what our responsibilities are and what we could change TODAY so that TOMORROW we can breathe and enjoy LIFE.

We are organizing a dedicated planting event that gives you the opportunity to respond to our questions and challenges! And we invite you to join us and approximately 5,000 volunteers at the third edition of the largest planting action in Romania.

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How do we proceed?

We ensure that all technical standards are respected (conducting soil studies and selecting suitable seedlings, taking into account forestry arrangements or the Technical Project).

We clean and prepare the land for planting. We provide all necessary materials (seedlings, shovels and spades, gardening gloves, bags, medical assistance, and eco-toilets) so that you have everything you need for the planting action. A hearty countryside meal, water, and hot beverages are on us.

When and where will we plant?

harta romaniei plantam speranta

7 - 10 hectars
3.000+ volunteers
45.000 planted trees

3 - 5 hectars
1.000 volunteers
25.000 planted trees

2-3 hectars
500 volunteers
20.000 planted trees

Satu Mare
2-3 hectars
500 volunteers
15.000 planted trees

1,5 - 2 hectars
300 volunteers
15.000 planted trees

1,5 - 2 hectars
300 volunteers
12.000 planted trees

6 hectars
30.000 planted trees

Press the green point on the map to see the location.

Surface: 7-10 hectars
Volunteers: +3000
Planted trees: 45.000
Next action: 23 March

Satu Mare:
Surface: 2-3 hectars
Volunteers: 500
Planted trees: 15.000
Next action: 6 April

Surface: 2-3 hectars
Volunteers: 500
Planted trees: 20.000
Next action: 6 April

Surface: 3-5 hectars
Volunteers: 1000
Planted trees: 25.000
Next action: 13-20 April

Surface: 1,5 – 2 hectars
Volunteers: 300
Planted trees: 15.000
Următoarea acțiune: 13 aprilie

Surface: 1,5 – 2 hectars
Volunteers: 300
Planted trees: 12.000
Next action: 13 April

Surface: 6 hectars
Planted trees: 30.000

Media appearances

Our projects have reached people in various forms through the following media partners, who have made our initiatives an example for the general public.

Main Partner

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Our Partners

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Asociația Pedalăm

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Departamentul De Silvicultura Si Inginerie Forestiera

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Facultatea De Protectia Mediului

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Invictus Romania

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Centrul De Transfuzie Sanguina

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Asociatia Free Way

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Scoala Nr. 1

Colegiul national Mihai Eminescu

Colegiul National Mihai Eminescu

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Asociatia Caritas

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CNE Gojdu

Baza NATO 54

Colegiul O. I Ghibu

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Universitatea din Oradea

Penitenciar Oradea

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Primaria Nojorid

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Apele Române

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Direcția Silvică Bihor

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ISU Bihor

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Creative on shoot

Creative On Shoot

Pantea Roland

Pantea Roland

Adelina Mărcuș

Adelina Mărcuș

Philip Alex

Philip Alex

Amelia Pal

Amelia Pal

Adrian Stanciu

Adrian Stanciu

Project Coordinator
Ionuț Coman

Anda Pop
Ionuț Petruța
Arion Ionuț
Faur Cristian
Mihoc Cristian
Adrian Sandu
Bogdan Popa
Pop Dumitru
Eduard Negru
Bogdan Nyulas

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Otilia Iliescu
Amelia Ioana
Răzvan Mărcuș
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Denis Buzle
Alec George
Szidonia Balogh
Claudia Suciu

Parcel Coordinators
Cristian Teglas
Adrian Sandu
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Alin Stanciu
Ciprian Vaida
Greta Szak
Adrian Pescaru
Tudor Coman

Marketing and Communications
Răzvan Iulian
Bianca Venter
Cristina Danciu
Daniela Mierlut

Adelina Mărcuș
Roland Pantea
Alexandru Filip
Sebastian Onaca
Silviu Mihoc
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